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The OKH7 collection is a collaboration of artists, designers, writers, photographers and other inspiring minds. A co-creation of different art disciplines to create something unexpected and unique. It’s not just mainstream fashion, but a true investment piece that enhances your personal value.

Each dress is made in a limited edition of max 195 pieces worldwide (one per country).
Using only the best high-class materials from Italy such as silk, crepe de chine and crepe heavy, the quality of the garments is ensured.

195 aims at the working woman, the socialite, who has a busy life, but also likes to celebrate. The woman who likes to turn heads, because of her classic style, but with a twist.

The first artist that was invited for the 195 collection was Bert Timmermans.
With Workingbert’s unique wallpaper collection he decorates rooms with site specific designs, influenced by the layout and lightning of the chosen rooms.

This custom made approach was the starting point for the collaboration with 195.
Inspired by structures, shades and light effects, the experimental design process of Workingbert leads to unexpected, artistic print designs for the 195 collection.

Providing the 195 designers large digitally printed silks on which the repetition layout has been placed in such a specific way, they are able to create several unique dresses from one single fabric design.

The elaborate print designs work very well with the simple, elegant idiom of the 195 dresses and tops. Sophiticated smoothness.

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